London Vape – Web Design Portfolio

London Vape is a UK based Eliquid Vape shop that specializes in only the very best Eliquids, Tanks and Mods available on the market to date. The guys came to us and asked us to help build them a web business from scratch. They had nothing in place at all apart from the name, so we worked alongside them working from the ground up.

We started by researching the Vape industry which was quite easy as they already had a lot of experience in and around this particular field, this gave us a huge head start when it came to laying out the foundations of this project.

The guys behind London Vape already knew exactly how they wanted to deliver their products to their customers and they made it very clear that first and foremost the customers come first. They wanted to maker the shopping process easy, easy for the customers to find what they were looking for and easy for the customers to checkout without long and tiresome forms to fill out.

Also having an easy to use shipping structure in place was imperative, they wanted to get the customers orders out as fast as possible and cut out any processes that could out a delay in the shipping time.

We started by laying out the category structure of the website from a usability and shopping standpoint and then refined it from a SEO point of view. This gave us the base of the website itself, from then on it was a matter of developing the search and attributes in order to make it easier and faster for the customer to refine there product search as fast as possible.

Once we have the search and attributes figured out it was a matter of moving on to the checkout process and making it as easy as possible, we decided on a one page checkout along with the ability to store customers information, this way if a customer signed up they would be able to check out with only a couple of clicks. We worked out that a signed up customer who knew what products they wanted could actually find the products they wanted and checkout within 30 seconds.

London Vape - Online Eliquid Shop


    Tel: +44 (0) 845 474 7752


    Address: 1st Floor 2 Woodberry Grove, London, England, N12 0DR