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My Scarf Shop shop had been up and running since 2009 and had a lot of online history. The website it’s self had gone through many different versions over the years, from custom built Coldfusion ecommerce site…

To an out of the box solution….

shopify solution

However, although at the time these might have been the best solutions during the transitions of the site the correct URL redirects and landing pages used meaning that all the hard work creating back links and high page throughout pages were lost.

To make matters worse they had used some very questionable SEO companies, which had implement some rather bad black hat techniques. Obviously this had a dire effect on the website and it eventually came crashing down.

We had our work cut out with this one but we were more than up for the challenge.

Step 1.

We ran a back link search and disavowed all the bad links, at the same time we contacted as many of the websites as possible and in many cases had the link removed entirely. This is a long and time consuming process, however this will have the grates impact on your websites SEO.

Set 2.

Scan the entire site and determine which pages had good page authority, which pages had good content and which pages were the best landing pages.

Now we had all of this information we could make a start on the website.

Step 3.

We started to build the site, we hosted the new site on a sub-domain and imported all the categories. We then started working our way through the category pages building them one at a time from scratch. Along the way a the same time as setting up the individual pages we created the 301 redirects of the old poorly structured URLS to the new clean SEO friendly ones we had created.

Step 4.

Whilst we had a tech team working the site structure we had the design team working on the layout and graphics, we wanted to up date the site and make it a pleasure to look at but at the same time we wanted it to work and load fast. We wanted to make sure the customers had a easy time loading page and checking out.

This is why you wont see any fancy product loaders on the home page or over the top feeds. We kept it clean and simple.

Step 5.

We wanted to give the website the best opportunity to rank again so we also created a new blog for them using WordPress but designed exactly the same as My Scarf Shop it’s self.

As we would have to wait for the site to start ranking again and come out of the sad box it was in we decided to help My Scarf Shop by building in Amazon and eBay directly in the the website it’s self.

This way they could upload there inventory to the two biggest markets and start making money right away while they wait for the site to start ranking again.

We also set up google shopping for them as well as google Adwords and in no time at all the orders started rolling in.

We loved this project as it gave up and opportunity to show how we could take something you might have thought was lost and turn it around.
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